This is my First school-project during the first 3 weeks. Simple but elegant. During this project I learned all the basics of swift and x-code, collectionViews, animations, sharing on social media, game-center integration, in-app purchase to name a few.

My role

Programming (Swift)


Own project



Animating the card-flip turned out to be more interesting than I thought. I basically just transition between two views with swift native  .transitionFlipFromRight. The challenge ended up being to keep the corner-radius and shadow during the animation. But after understanding the different layers and applying a completion-handler made the animation flawless.


In app purchase / iOS Keychain

The most challenging part of this project was applying the in-app purchase, restore purchase actions and then encrypting the purchase safely in the device(since UserDefaults is inappropriate for sensitive data). For the latter I found a convenient pod called Swiftkeychain-wrapper that encrypts data and saves it in the iOS Keychain and is only accessible for the app that created it when the app I open.